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Photo provided courtesy of Lovera's Market

Food & Drink

Krebs Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Little Italy

Just around the corner from McAlester lies Krebs – also known as Oklahoma’s Little Italy. In a world dominated by cookie-cutter houses, chain stores, and overly-busy lives, Krebs stands out. It is a place popularly defined by spaghetti, cheese, beer, and sausage. The culture is deeper than that though: it is about the people, the place they created, and the joy and sorrow along the way. It is the village-like feel of the narrow, winding streets that connect homes and businesses. It is the underground houses that served Choc beer. It is the small neighborhood groceries that made their own pasta or cheese. It is a culture of creating something new out of nothing and doing what is possible to make your place better. The culture of Krebs is one that respects food and the community that is built around it. Popular resident businesses include:

Lovera’s Market


Pete’s Place